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Financing a septic system offers several significant benefits that can make the process more convenient and affordable for homeowners. We understand that septic system installations and repairs can be significant investments. That’s why Merrifield Septic Financing offers financing through ENHANCIFY to help ease the financial burden. By opting for financing, you can spread out the cost of your septic system over time, making it more manageable within your budget. This enables you to proceed with the necessary septic work without compromising on quality or delaying essential repairs. Financing also eliminates the need to pay for the entire project upfront, allowing you to preserve your savings or allocate them to other important household expenses. With our competitive financing options, you can enjoy the benefits of a properly functioning and reliable septic system while maintaining financial stability.

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Merrifield Septic Sales & Service, Septic lines

New Installation

Our expert team can help you explore various options when selecting your septic tank. For instance, there are different materials, and the size and type of septic tank depend on the size of your home and the property's soil type.

Merrifield Septic Tank Cover Maintenance


Proper maintenance of your aerobic septic system is essential and required in most counties in the coastal bend. We provide septic system maintenance contracts covering all communities from Kingsville to Victoria.

Merrifield Septic Hoses

Service & Repair

Our technician will thoroughly inspect your septic system before any repairs are made. He'll also address any concerns you may have to pinpoint the root of the issue. Our findings will be shared with you, along with a range of repair options.

Merrifield Septic Sales & Service pumping, pump

Pump Service

We'll inspect the sludge layers and check for leaks during septic pumping. Our trucks and tools are kept clean to ensure optimal performance. In addition to emptying the tank, we'll verify proper operation.